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Warranty / Liability Policy

Moree Tyrepower offers a base warranty for a period of 90 days or 3000 klms on all workmanship unless otherwise specified or offered by a manufacturer.

Parts, tyres and materials warranties vary greatly and are covered by the individual manufacturer or authorised supplier’s warranty. These are automatically extended past Moree Tyrepower’ s base warranty terms.

In the event you think you have a warranty issue in the first instance you must:

  • Contact Moree Tyrepower within the warranty period
  • Return the vehicle or item for inspection
  • Provide proof of purchase
  • Accept that Moree Tyrepower will use its best endeavours to seek a claim on your behalf however the manufacturer or authorised distributer’s decision will be final.
  • Not withhold payment during the warranty assessment process which could take up to 90 days as in most cases a failed item will need to be inspected on site or returned to the supplier for a claim determination.

Additional notes regarding warranties

Do not inflate a tyre that is suspected of being run flat or underinflated.
Never inflate a tyre that is not bolted to a vehicle or in an inflation cage.
Serious injury or death can occur due to tyre explosion.

The manufacturer of the tyre or part is responsible for determining the outcome of a warranty claim if the claim is caused by a faulty item. If the manufacture deems the failure is due to faulty workmanship then Moree Tyrepower will be responsible for making good the claim.

No warranty is offered or implied for second hand tyres or customer supplied items unless the manufacturer or supplier has offered a warranty in writing. The determination of a claim will be at the sole discretion of the supplier or manufacturer and Moree Tyrepower shall not be liable for any Second hand or customer supplied parts or tyre failures.

Labour may or may not be covered as some suppliers provide parts only warranties. This will be at the sole discretion of the manufacture or authorised distributer.

Tyres are manufactured to the highest international standards and rarely fail due to faults of the tyre. A premature failure (blown tyre) is nearly always the result of under inflation, being run flat, a slow leak or an impact fracture. Moree Tyrepower will not be liable for any event attributed to a tyre failure that is suspected of failing due to a failed tyre.

Irregular wear is generally a result of an alignment or under inflation issue and are rarely covered by a manufactures warranty.

In the event of a supported claim the manufacturer will generally apply a pro rata tread wear credit against the replacement tyre or part. Eg the manufacturer or distributer of a tyre that is determined to be 50% worn may attract a 50% credit on the replacement tyre. A tyre is deemed to be end of life when it still has 3mm of tread remaining. In the case of a faulty part the manufacturer or distributer may apply a pro rata credit against the replacement item.

No warranty is implied or offered on second hand tyres or tyres supplied by the customer. Tyre selection is highly technical and careful consideration needs to be given to the size selection, speed and load ratings of tyres. Moree Tyrepower will not be liable for customer supplied items that fail to meet acceptable standards. Moree Tyrepower will use its best endeavours to inspect and advise an items suitability however with so many manufacturers and suppliers of items it may not be possible to so. Moree Tyrepower will not be responsible or liable for these items.

Tyres should only be fitted by trained personal with the correct equipment. Serious injury or death can occur if tyres are incorrectly fitted to rims.

Moree Tyrepower fits wheels to a set procedure including hand tensioning and signing of job cards. It is your responsibility to re check wheel nut tensions within 100 kilometres of fitment. Moree Tyrepower will not be responsible for loosened wheels after this period as they can loosen due to other factors outside of Moree Tyrepower’s control.

Moree Tyre power uses the latest tyre fitting equipment to minimise the risk of marking a rim however sometimes it is not possible to fit a tyre without some marks. Wheels and tyres are frequently subjected to roadside and curb damage and rims and tyres are frequently damaged in this way consequently Moree Tyrepower cannot be held liable for this type of claim.

Moree Tyrepower uses specialist air tools that are torque limited to minimise the risk of broken studs and stripped wheel nuts and while all care is taken threads or studs will fail on disassembly or assembly due to incorrect prior assembly.

Regular pressure checks, rotations and wheel alignments will give the best wear results. Moree Tyrepower recommends these be carried out at 6 monthly intervals or 15,000 kms whichever occurs first.

For further warranty/Liability information please go to the parts or tyre manufacture’s web page.

If you have any questions or require more information regarding this policy document please contact Moree Tyrepower on (02) 6752 5777.

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